The process which are followed in database administration:
Evaluating the database server hardware
Evaluating the Oracle and its applications which is suited for the available computer resources. This  reveals the following information:
  • The number of disk drives which are available to Oracle and its databases
  • If any, dedicated tape drives are available to Oracle and their databases
  • Memory which is available
Installing the Oracle software
Installation of the Oracle database server software, front-end tools and database applications which access the database. In the distributed processing installations, the database is controlled by a central computer or the database server) and tools, applications which are executed on the remote computers . You must also install the Oracle components which is necessary for connecting remotely to the machines .
Planning the database
The database administrator has to plan the overall logical storage of the database structure which is taking  into account the effects which the structure will have on the database. Such considerations include how the logical storage structure database will affect the following:
  • Computer performance which is executing Oracle
  • Database performance during data access operations
  • Backup efficiency and recovery procedures for the database
Creating and opening the database
After the design is created , the database can be opened for normal use. Database can be created at installation time using the Database Configuration Assistant.
Back up of database
After database structure is created, the backup strategy is carried out Additional redo log files, scheduled future of database backups at regular intervals is taken.
Implement the Database Design
After you create and start the database, the planned logical structure database is implemented by creating the necessary tablespaces. After that the objects can be created for the database.
Backup of the functional database
One should regularly scheduled backups.Back up of the database after implementing  any changes should be taken immediately.
Tuning of database performance
Optimizing the performance is major responsibility as an administrator. A database resource management feature is provided enabling you to control the allocation of resources to various user groups.
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